Truth in Food Labeling!
October 23, 2017, 07:11:30 AM *
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Author Topic: Just my little twisted visual perspective -- of a Mela-Meat TV commercial  (Read 2610 times)
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« on: May 25, 2007, 06:18:52 PM »

Just my little twisted visual perspective --  of a Mela-Meat TV commercial:

A kid’s hand comes in from the top of the screen holding a plastic pig.

[sound] snort! snort!

[voice] Welcome to the land of mela-porker, where the plastic pigs roam free. They are happy piggies eating mela-rice & mela-feed all day.

[sound] snort! snort!

[voice] Come into our kitchen for awile.

[sound] Screen door slams.

[voice] We’re cookin’ up some mela-bacon right now.

The child’s hand comes from the top & tosses down a round plastic disc, embossed as bacon.

[voice] yummmm! Smells goooo— uh, hey, kid!  Are you burning plastic?? Watch out now!  DON”T EAT THAT!  Don’t break your teeth!

[Next scene, voice] Hairy arm comes down from the top holding a plastic kid. Welcome to my kid’s backyard. Here, he plays with his mela-pets all day. Rover, the dog; Porkie, the pig; Early-bird, the chicken; & Sam-mon, the fish.

You can join in too — just take a BITE!

Advertisement paid for by any major network & the Mela-Nutrient Board of Advisors. Manufactured in Xuzhou, China, distributed in Every town, USA.
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This is a GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT to put the human and pet food manufacturer's of America on alert, that we will not tolerate vague labeling of our foods, any longer.

We want full disclosure of ingredients, source/country-of-origin, place of manufacturing & place of distribution, including a toll-free number.

Oh, by-the-way -- STOP POISONING OUR FOOD!!!
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